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Please contact the clinic directly at (619) 206 6260 to schedule these services.

Feng Shui

Bring balance and peace to your internal and external environment through the power and ancient knowledge of Classical Feng Shui. Harmonize your life with the universal 5 elements in order to strengthen your personal relationships and increase money flow. Improve your health, family relations, creativity, and prosperity all with Feng Shui. Natalie is a certified Master Feng Shui consultant who studied under Amanda Collins through the International School of Feng Shui. She also collaborates with and consults for Dr. East Haradin of Gem Elixirz. Create balance and harmony in all of your environments by visiting Gem Elixirz to purchase your very own Feng Shui essential oil spray kit and instruction pack.


$300 per hour, minimum 2 hours ($50 travel fee outside of San Diego city limits)

Space Clearing

Natalie has been performing space clearings for homes and businesses for over 10 years. She work by combining her unique intuitive and healing abilities to remove unwanted energies, entities, negative thought, forms, and beliefs by shifting the overall vibration of the space. This service is performed onsite and is ideal for anyone who feels uncomfortable in their own home or while at work.

$300 per hour ($50 travel fee San Diego city limits)