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Psychic andĀ Intuitive Consulting

Natalie has been communicating and working with “Spirit” since she was a toddler. She has spent twenty years developing her natural Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Channeling abilities. Appointments are similar to spiritual life counseling/coaching sessions and provide clients with intuitive insight into past, current, and future events along with clarity surrounding difficult aspects of their lives. Natalie also uses her knowledge of Chinese face reading along with Eastern & Western numerology to offer deeper awareness into your personality, life lessons and purpose. Her intuitive insights help guide people towards positive directions and empower them to make choices for their best interests and greatest good.

Please note: Natalie’s psychic services are NOT meant for entertainment purposes, she is an educated and credentialed professional NOT a mind reader/fortune teller. Sessions are also NOT intended to replace medically necessary psychological treatments.

“I’ve known Natalie in a professional capacity for over 5 years, and in that time, I have returned to her for massage therapy and psychic consultations. I have continuously appreciated Natalie’s level of professionalism, and am in awe of her abilities. Her intuitive nature combined with her massage therapy has worked wonders – she is a truly gifted healer. I’ve found her psychic consultations to be incredibly insightful, helpful, and more than anything, accurate. I have recommended Natalie to friends and family for anything that ails them both physically and emotionally – going to Natalie is always a positive healing experience.”

Jaime L.

Incorporated into your session:

Various styles/tools: western & eastern numerology, I Ching astrology, angel cards, pendulum, connecting with Spirit Guides, Friends/Family on the other side, Past Lives/Akashic records, Tarot

Spiritual Consulting

ENERGY HEALING – Signature 60 minute session

During a healing session with Natalie, she will first evaluate the health and vitality of your chakras and auric/magnetic field. Next she will provide you with intuitive insights regarding your physical, mental and emotional well being. Once her assessment is complete, she will use different crystal vibrations and their special powers to treat your individual mental, emotional and physical dis-harmonies. The crystals are strategically placed on the body to help restore the chakras and energetic field. She will also use a combination of multiple healing techniques such as laying on of hands, Reike, and Therapeutic Touch to address your specific concerns and bring you back into harmonious balance.

Here’s what you can expect from Soulisitic Total Health:

Commitment to patient centered care

Positive transformation and balance for body, mind and soul

Clarity and direction during times of life transitions

A safe, non-judgmental healing environment with high ethical standards and confidentiality

Accurate answers and practical guidance to uplift and motivate

Empowered solutions to breakthrough negative thought patterns and physical obstacles that have prevented you from achieving your fullest potential